Employee Spotlight: Why I Love GHC-SCW

BY Emily Peters, Marketing and communications 

Finding the right workplace for you can be a tough one. Do you want one that’s fast paced? Or maybe one that’s slow? Maybe one that values balancing your work and life? Or are you looking for something that brings diverse people together and puts a value on the work you’re doing?

For me, I found what I was looking for at GHC-SCW

I graduated college over a year ago and began searching to find a workplace position that felt right for me. Looking for a job is stressful, especially after graduating college in the middle of a global pandemic! For me, I knew I was looking for a company that valued work-life balance, emphasized being an inclusive workplace, and, most of all, truly cared about the work they were doing. Some places seemed to advertise themselves as such, but did they truly walk the walk and talk the talk?

After a few shortcomings and workplaces that didn’t feel quite right, I stumbled upon an application for a Marketing and Communications Specialist with GHC-SCW. After several rounds of interviews and patience, I received an offer letter in my inbox.

On my first day, I was nervous. Who wouldn’t be nervous on your very first day at a new job? What if the culture they had portrayed in the interviews wasn’t all they made it out to be? What if I hated it? But as soon as I was greeted in the lobby by my supervisor, Katelyn McLaughlin, I knew that GHC-SCW was the place for me.

At GHC-SCW, we believe in serving our members and value the cooperative spirit. As both a health care provider and health care plan, we are committed to being a non-profit. We also believe in a culture that provides exceptional care for our members, both on the provider and insurance side, and a culture that provides exceptional care for our employees. Everyone is welcome in this space, and our new diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives emphasize that. As a recently out Queer woman, feeling like I was welcomed and accepted in my workplace allows me to come into work every day as myself.

Not to mention we also have great benefits.

With everything from tuition reimbursement, generous MTO (managed time off), and a retirement match, GHC-SCW offers a rich benefits package that puts you first and is committed to you. There’s also free parking at all our locations, employee wellness programs, and eligibility for a general increase on your work anniversary. No matter how cheesy it sounds, we also have a lot of fun together.

There are so many great things about working at GHC-SCW that it’s hard to wrap it up into one blog post. But that’s something about GHC-SCW that I love most.

We are always looking for people who can help us strive to be Better Together. Be sure to head to Job Search – Career Portal (dayforcehcm.com) to check out our job openings. See something you think you’d strive in? Reach out and apply today!